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xcake.jpg Each Wedding cake is individual and everything possible is arranged to the suit the design of the customer. As each tier is usually smaller then the last they can be displayed in many ways, ie: pillaring, stacking, on a cake stand or just separate as an individual cake. There are no hard and fast rules, and along with the help of a professional, the Bride and Groom can make their Wedding Cake as individual as they wish and I will be only too happy to help with this in any way possible. When choosing a Wedding cake it may be helpful to look at the Wedding Cake pictures featured here on our web site.(Please view the Gallery) I will also liaise with your florist if you wish in order to create a sugarcrafted, hand made Bridal Bouquet similar to your own or discuss using Fresh Flowers if that is your preference. All fresh flowers must be provided for by the Client.

The number and size of each tier normally depend on the number of guests or servings required. Without doubt all occasions are enhanced by a beautiful, dramatic or amusing cake, with your Wedding being among one of the most important occasions of all. Along with the Bridal gown and flowers your Wedding cake is one of the main focal points of your reception, therefore it also deserves careful planning of the flavours and particularly the design. Special attention should also be given to the area at the reception for displaying your Wedding cake as it should not only be delicious, beautiful and reflect the theme of the wedding but should also be a focal point on its own table.

Portions of fruitcake such as for a Wedding are traditionally served in 2.5cm (1 inch) square servings. As a guide line, the table below shows the approximate number of servings one can expect to get from the different sizes and styles of cakes.

Size Serving Size Serving Size Serving
6 inch 30 – 35 6 inch 25 – 30 6 inch 25 - 30
8 inch 55 – 65 8 inch 40 – 50 8 inch 45 – 55
10 inch 85 – 100 10 inch 65 – 80 10 inch 70 – 85
12 inch 125 - 140 12 inch 95 – 110 12 inch 105 – 120

Extra Cutting Cakes: Sometimes it is advisable to order a medium size Wedding Cake and then have Cutting Cakes available. This is usually works out less expensive and ideal where large numbers of guests are being catered to. Cutting cakes are usually finished in white icing but not fully decorated, they are then cut in the kitchens and served to the guests.

Sizes and prices are available on request. Apart from Wedding Cakes I will create a cake for any or all occasions, Christening, Corporate and Novelty celebration cakes along with children and adult birthdays, be they of a notable age or not! 

Cakes can be of a contemporary or traditional style whatever the occasion. 


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